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    Learners will now be allowed to carry backpacks into classrooms under the following guidelines:

    • No over sized bags will be allowed in classrooms. Only standard size.
    • All items must be carried in their back packs while in the hall way and during transition. Learners will be asked to carry all books, binders, folders, iPads, purses, etc. in their back packs so they are not carrying multiple items in their hands. We will review all of this with them once school resumes. 
    • Students DO NOT have to carry a back pack. This is optional for all learners. 
    • Due to the variance in our classroom size and make up each educator will be working on a plan to ensure that all learners have a safe and clear walk way for class room use.
    • All learners will be issued a locker but DO NOT have to use a locker if they do not wish to.