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    Parent/Student REMINDERS

    Important Parent/Student Reminders:

    Please have your student bring lunch, lunch money or ensure that lunch accounts have funds. This year we are restricting deliveries to our Horseshoe Reception Desk and no longer accept lunch deliveries, band instruments, cash or technology items.


    Please remember to have your student charge their iPad each day and bring it to school with them each day. If your student has not protected their device with an iPad case, we highly encourage you to do so (as stated in the CHS iPad User Handbook). This step will help maintain the device in proper working order, while minimizing the opportunities of damages and repair fees.


    Attendance Reminders:

    Planned  Appointment-

    • Send a note with your child in the morning that states name, grade, student ID, reason for leaving and time they need to leave the building,
    • Your child will then go to their assistant principal office, retrieve a gold pass to leave the building at the designated time on the note,
    • Your child will then sign themselves out at the appropriate time in their AP office,
    • They will meet you at the Main Entrance outside by the flag poles,
    • And if returning to school that day, they will sign themselves back in at the assistant principal office and present the documentation necessary to confirm the appointment for an excused absence.  They may bring the documentation the next day if they are not returning within the same day.


    Unplanned Appointment-

    The Parent/Guardian/Emergency Contact must come in the building with your State issued ID and report to the reception desk(horseshoe) to sign your child out.  Please note that this process could take up to 20 minutes as it just depends on the events taking place in the building when you come in to sign them out.  Please do not park in the fire lane and leave your car unattended as this could have a negative result.

    We work as quickly as possible for you to retrieve your student.