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    Principal Corner


    January 2016


    With the beginning of February comes the beginning of a new semester! We are officially half way through the school year! WOW…how fast it has gone!

    We are excited to share that we ended our first semester with several school-wide celebrations!  Our first Family Fall Wellness Night was a huge success! We had many families attend to learn more about healthy living. We are looking forward to something similar in the spring.

    During our December Days of Giving, the Colts of Cottonwood Creek collected over 50 boxes of socks, toiletries, mittens/gloves, coats/jackets, healthy snacks, and canned goods for those families who were in need. Our learners collected, organized, and boxed the items for delivery. A special thanks to the McCann family (former Colts) for the donation of packing boxes. The McCann family is also the family who donates the various seasonal blow-ups we use in the front hallway of CCE. The learners love the fun addition to our school décor!

    A HUGE thank you to our PTO for generously paying for the entire school to attend the Charlie Brown movie prior to the winter break. The movie was a perfect fit for our Leadership initiative at CCE and a great way for us to “come together” as a school community.

    Several of the CCE staff members will be attending the Texas Computer Educators Association yearly conference in February. Not only will they be learning new technology ideas for our learners, but they will be presenting a session on the use of technology in supporting our leadership initiative.  In addition, Mr. Ewbank and Dr. Penny have been selected to attend the Changemaker International Summit in Tucson, Arizona, also in February. It will be a wonderful opportunity for our school staff to network with other schools in the Changemaker network.

    Congratulations to fifth grade teacher, Kim Cook, for being selected as Cottonwood Creek’s Teacher of the Year. Kim was selected by her peers and is a fabulous representative of the AMAZING staff at CCE! Also, Stephanie Hammons, GT Specialist, was awarded a grant from the CISD Educational Foundation for her submittal of “Let Sphero Be Your Hero”. The grant will provide our learners with opportunities to develop their coding skills through team work and problem solving.

    Our Walk to School Wednesdays continue to become bigger and better! We appreciate your support of this initiative to improve our health and promote sustainability. Please note that the first and third Wednesdays of each month are designated Walk to School Wednesdays; however, if it is raining or the temperature (wind chill) is below freezing, we will not walk.

    A couple of reminders as we move into the second half of our school year:

    **Please remember that the loop in FRONT of the school is for student drop off and pick up! Parents are not to park in the parking lot and escort learners across the loop. This causes a delay in the traffic flow and is dangerous for our children.

    **The SIDE loop (near the cafeteria) is only for busses and day care busses. It is not a loop for student drop off and pick up…unless you have special permission from CCE Administration.

    **The alley behind the school is not a safe place to drop off or pick up your children. The neighbors living in the houses near the alley have reported several “near” accidents involving children being dropped off in the alley.

    **Please take note of the CISD Elementary tardy policy:

    “A child is tardy if he/she arrives in the classroom AFTER 7:50 a.m. Excessive tardies to school are considered a violation of the CISD Student Code of Conduct. Excessive tardiness means more than 3 tardies in a school year.”

    It is imperative that our learners be at school on time and ready to learn. Unfortunately, we have learners who are arriving on campus after 7:50! As the CISD policy states, students should be IN THE CLASSROOM at 7:50. Please be advised that we will be issuing “tardy slips” to learners who are not in their classrooms by the time our second bell rings (at 7:50). Being punctual is a life-long habit to make and a characteristic of a leader. We sincerely appreciate your support on helping your child begin the day on a positive note!

    **While we recognize that situations can change during the day, we are experiencing a large volume of “change in plans” calls at the end of the day. Unfortunately, we do not always have the office staff or available time to ensure that messages are delivered to your child. Please make plans at the beginning of the day with your child and limit the phone requests to emergency situations only.

    If you have not visited the Cottonwood Creek Garden…you are “in for a surprise”! The Garden Geniuses have a fabulous winter garden and are harvesting vegetables and herbs on a weekly basis. The City of Coppell produced a video featuring ideas for sustainability and featured the CCE garden. Please follow the link below to see how the learners at CCE are learning about plants, gardening, and healthy living!

    There is no doubt that our second semester will move as fast as the first one did. Being a part of Cottonwood Creek is an “exciting ride”…we are glad you are along with us!


    Andra Penny, Principal