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    College Admissions

    CEEB Number (School Code for ACT, SAT) - 441485 


    College admissions, while challenging, can be a great experience. Searching for colleges, examining your interests, having discussions about your future with your parents can all be enlightening experiences. The counselors are here to help you as you work through this process. Let us know if you have any questions or need our assistance.

    College - Post High School Handbook

    A handbook has been compiled by the counselors to help students navigate through the college admission process. A link to that handbook is to the right.
    College Application Process

    All four-year colleges require: 1) an application, 2) an official transcript sent from CHS and 3) SAT or ACT scores sent from the testing agency. Some colleges also require letters of recommendation.

    1)     Application

    First, list in Naviance under "schools I'm applying to" the school(s) to which you will be applying. This will help you understand which of the following three methods you will be using (you might use all three depending on where you are applying).

    Common Application - Complete this application online at for any school listed in Naviance as using the Common Application (there will be a red "CA" in the computer monitor in the "submissions" column).  Click on “Common Application Instructions/Information” on the right for information you'll need to complete it.

    Other Texas schools – If you are applying to a Texas school that does not use the Common Application, then apply through Apply Texas at (some schools will use both the Common App and Apply Texas but always use the Common App for those schools), and

    All other schools - they will have their own application that will need to be completed. 


    Both the Common Application and Apply Texas are available beginning August 1.


    Counselor Letters of Recommendation

    Counselors write a letter of recommendation for any school that requires it (almost exclusively these are Common Application schools). The schools for which a recommendation is not required are usually the larger public institutions. Acceptance at those institutions is based upon the student’s application which includes their essay(s), ACT/SAT test scores and the student’s transcript which shows strength of schedule and grades earned. We have conferred with many college admissions counselors at the large public schools and have been assured that counselor letters have little to no impact due to the volume of applications they receive.


    If you are applying to a school that requires a counselor letter of recommendation download the Counselor Recommendation Packet located in the right-hand column. The following are the deadlines for that packet to be to your counselor - September 15 for applications due in November and November 15 for any applications due in January.

    2) Official Transcript
    Transcripts are ordered on a student's "colleges i'm applying to" page in Naviance. A link to Naviance is to the right. Information on how to sign on is in the Naviance tab under counseling.
    3) SAT / ACT

    Links for the SAT and ACT are to the right at which students can register for the exam(s) or request the results sent to a college (colleges require an official copy directly from the testing agency). When you register for either test enter CHS's CEEB code of 441485 so that the results will be sent to CHS to be put in your Naviance account.

    College Visits
    Visiting a college is a great way to get a feel for a campus and make sure it will be a good fit for you. To have a college visit during a school day excused, print the form to the right, fill it out, have it signed by the college when you visit and then give it to the attendance office when you return. Juniors and senior are allowed two excused college visits each year (these two days do not count against your exemptions). When scheduling your visit(s), keep in mind that only the day of the visit is excused, not any days used for travel.

    Need Your GPA or Rank?

    Go to Naviance, click the “about me” tab, scroll down and click on “profile.” The first GPA is a student’s rank in class GPA. The second, the “weighted GPA,” is the official GPA and is the one listed on students’ transcripts. Students ranked in the top ten percent will have their rank listed here as well. Students not in the top ten percent will have a "0" for their rank. The GPA cutoff for the top 10% is on the student’s Naviance homepage.
    4.0 G.P.A. Scale

    CHS is on a weighted 5.0 G.P.A scale which is the basis for determining a student's rank. Most colleges and scholarships will use a 4.0 scale. Information on how to figure your G.P.A. on a 4.0 scale is to the right.

     Go Center

    The CHS Go Center is located in Student Services and is a part of a grassroots network of community-managed college recruiting centers located across Texas. In partnership with Texas Women’s University, CHS will provide one-on-one mentoring to explore post-secondary educational opportunities. "G-force" mentors, comprised of TWU students and 9 CHS students, will assist students and parents with applications, financial aid and more.