Valley Ranch Elementary

    Valley Ranch Elementary

    Thinking Makes Us Shine

    Learners at Valley Ranch Elementary are engaged daily in enriching and relevant project based learning experiences allowing them to become critical thinkers, informed researchers, and effective communicators. In addition to our many classroom enrichment opportunities, our outdoor learning environment offers the privilege of authentic learner-led experiences. Come shine like the stars at Valley Ranch Elementary!

    Enrichment Activities Offered During the School Day to All Students

    • Authentic Project-Based Learning Experiences
    • Genius Hour
    • Hands On Equations
    • Buddy Class Activities
    • Garden and Outdoor Learning Opportunities
    • 1:1 Initiative
    • Curriculum Compacting

    Outside of School Enrichment Opportunities

    Our campus also offers free school sponsored enrichment opportunities outside of the school day. See below for a list of opportunities:
     Name   Timeframe  Grade(s)  Contact 
    Math Olympiad  October-March  4th-5th
     Kati Castellanos
    Geography Bee  Fall-Winter  4th-5th
     Kati Castellanos
    Spelling Bee  Fall-Winter  5th
     Kirsten Chapman
    Character Council All Year 3rd-5th
     Jennifer Montano
    Safety Patrol All Year 5th
     Cathy Brose
    For additional non-school sponsored activities, visit our campus PeachJar e-flyer site

    Learn More

    For questions about enrichment activities please contact:
    Cynthia Arterbery, Principal
    Mary Radka, Assistant Principal

     To learn more about these activities you can follow our blog: