Mission of the Department of Intervention Services

    In alliance with the Coppell ISD mission, Intervention Services will

    • Identify students with disabilities
    • Provide individualized and multifaceted services
    • Support the development of skills, personal independence, self determination, self-advocacy, and community participation
    • Support and educate district staff and community toward a better quality of life for all

    Through Special Education services Coppell ISD provides appropriate educational opportunities for students with disabilities. By individualizing services in accordance with each eligible student's learning needs, students are prepared to pursue life-long learning and to become contributing members of the community.

    The Department of Intervention Services is made up of Dyslexia Services, Behavior Services, 504, and Special Education.

    Notice of Destruction of Special Education Records

    Special Education records from 2008-2009 (for those students who have graduated, moved or are no longer eligible for special education services at CISD) will be destroyed in accordance with state law, unless a parent/guardian notifies the school district (214-496-6955) by June 12 to retain them. Read more details here.